Located in the Indian state of the kings, Rajasthan, Pushkar is a small village ( 15,000 inhabitants) which is very little for India, it’s a sacred and holy place of worship for Hindus, who come on pilgrimage here. The legend is that the gods dropped a swan  with a blue lotus in its beak and the place where the lotus landed  became the holy  lake of Pushkar, where Brahma the all powerfull god in Hindu mythology did his rituals and therefore this is the only place in the whole of India with a temple dedicated to lord Brahma.

Located in a green valley surrounded by the Aravalli desert mountains, Pushkar is a picturesque spot build  around the holy  lake .the lake contains 52 ghats or steps to the lake ,where pilgrims can go to bathe in the sacred waters. Pushkar welcomes both Hindu and travelers from around the world.during the hippy period of the 70s pushkar ws one of the chosen places for members of this movement .for more than 40 years ,the village has welcomed travelers of all types .the village has preserved its authenticity and allows us to freely embrace as a visitor the traditional Indian and Hindu culture,this place of pilgrimage allows you to witness wonderful festivities celebrating its long cultural history