Situated 3 kilometres from the centre of pushkar,the sacred city of rajasthan,in the heart of an oasis,the secret garden is the ideal place to organize yoga retreats,dance workshops,detox retreats,or corporate seminars…this unique place ,surrounded by nature can also be rented for private family or friends gathering or even for celebrations like a private wedding.

The secret garden is rented out as a whole and can accommodate, from six persons in the large spacious six guest  rooms or upto 15 on a shared basis.the secret garden has a private yoga shalla  ,large rooftop terraces, a refreshing dip pool  and peaceful ornate gardens ,with mango,guava,chikko,papaya,custard apples,pomegranate,banana ,lemon trees and lawns all around.

The 6 rooms are very comfortable and spacious (30 to 40 meters square),each with its own en suite bathroom and a large private terrace.the magic of the secret garden is to offer a calm space with privacy to the guests but also lots of communal areas like the yoga shalla the dining areas ,the gardens ,the terraces with spectacular views of the countryside.

The secret garden has  vegetarian catering in the pure Indian tradition.

A la carte services can be arranged on request,like Ayurvedic /tradional massage,camel safari, pushkar guided tours,cooking,music,dance classes etc…

The secret garden has free wi-fi connection for its guests.